“Nostalgia evokes a simpler time, a time of Polaroid cameras and memories of what it’s like to be a kid”

Many motels and hotels are looking for a new beginning, and instead of bulldozing or ripping out the personality of what was there, we saw an opportunity to embrace it, and create “The Ash | Boutique Vacation Rentals, Rooms and Suites.”

Our shared passion for business, travel and the hospitality industry prompted a plan to bring unique Vacation Rentals to Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Traveling and staying in over a 100 vacation rentals all over Europe, Asia, and North America the past 10 years has brought incredible insight on the needs and wants of our future guests.

While we wanted the building to reflect its 1950s roots, it was also important to have all the modern conveniences. To start, the door locks are managed by keypads rather than physical keys or cards. A custom code is emailed directly to our guests that is good only during their stay. There is no front desk to slow guests down, they can relax, walk straight into their suite and have the ease of independent stay!

Each room is a bit different – different furniture, artwork, pillows. Neutral palettes with pops of color are featured in all the suites with natural light from each living room's picture window. Using vintage furniture of different eras making for charming and fun design elements. Opting for a super cozy and eclectic energy, you’ll find each suite to be a photo-worthy treat.

We take great pride in being part of this very special place and love finding ways to contribute to its culture, like buying Michigan art and furniture, using our local tradesmen, Michigan designers and sourced materials from our city.

We are excited to participate in local events and of course host events too. We hope to accommodate the sports team, family, explorers, adventurers, and travelers all wanting to escape and explore the beauty our waters and city has to offer!

We've just upgraded with Fresh exterior paint, potted flowers, sitting area outside of suites and beautiful landscaping. We are working on areas to entertain and the future restoration of the iconic pool!